Y7 Geography


KS3 Curriculum Programme





Term 1 (Sep-Oct)

Getting into Maps

Have a knowledge of a range of maps including OS maps

Understand how places are linked together

Term 2 (Nov-Dec)

Why do we talk about the weather?

To know the causes and impacts of weather

To understand how weather affects people and the decisions that they make

Term 3 (Jan-Feb)

How can we look after our world?

Know what sustainability is and a range of examples at different scales (local to national)

Investigate how Glastonbury is a sustainable festival

Term 4 (Mar-Apr)

Why do more than half the world’s population live in cities?

Know what it is like to live in different urban areas

Understand why these difference exist

Term 5 (Apr-May)

Can we feed 9 billion people?

Know the range of farming types that take place in different global locations

Understand how farming in the UK has changed and the impacts of this on our Sunday lunch

Term 6 (Jun-Jul)

What shapes our world?

Know the structure of the earth, where plate margins are and what they create

Understand how plate movements affects people living in the area and the surrounding environment