Bus Pass Scheme for Non-entitled Students

Those students who do not qualify for a free bus pass but want to travel on the link area buses will need a Non-entitled Student Bus Pass. Non-entitled Student Bus Passes are bus passes for linked area buses that have to be paid for, as you do not live in our linked area.

Non-entitled Student Bus Pass forms can be obtained from ITMU School Transport on 01604 364396 or by writing to ITMU School Transport, Northamptonshire County Council, Riverside House, Riverside Way, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN1 5NX.

Lost, forgotten or damaged bus passes

When a student forgets his/her pass they must come to Student Services at break or lunchtime to collect a temporary pass for that evening, otherwise the driver will not let them travel. If students lose their bus pass, they must come to the office as soon as possible for a temporary pass which is valid for a couple of days, while they look for it. If they do not find their bus pass they must then pay £10.00 for a replacement. Passes which are damaged, mutilated or broken will also not be accepted for travel. If a pass is damaged, an application for a new pass must be made. We must be given the pieces of a broken or damaged card and a fee of £5.00 for a replacement.

Students wanting to go to friends in another village after school must make private arrangements with parents and not use the school buses.

Travel for cross site courses – Post-16

To enable a wider provision of subjects at Post-16 for students on each campus we share some subjects across the two sites. To do this we provide transport for the students between the two sites and have a contract with coach providers who are local authority approved. Currently this movement of students takes place during the school day at break time and also at lunchtime. We do ensure that students are back on their home site for their end of school travel. The travel between the two sites is funded by the school.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you qualify for free school transport, please telephone Miss Annie Kent in the school office at the North Campus on 01604 862125 or ITMU School Transport at the Local Authority (Local Education Authority) on 01604 654496.

The EWS bus timetables pdf can be found on this page.