Y8 Geography

KS3 Curriculum Programme





Term 1 (Sep-Oct) What influences the coastal landscape?

Know coastal processes and features

Understand how humans interact with physical processes

Term 2 (Nov-Dec) Why are some countries richer than others?

Know what development is and how it can be measure it

To understand what life is like in favelas / shanty towns

Term 3 (Jan-Feb) How can weather be hazardous?

Know how extreme weather events are formed and some of the impacts of these

To understand the wider impacts of weather and peoples responses to this

Term 4 (Mar-Apr) What are the challenges and opportunities for cities today?

Know how population has changed over time and the processes that have made this happen

To understand what makes people move

Term 5 (Apr-May) Why are ecosystems important?

Know the locations of ecosystems

Understand there importance at different scales (local / national / international)

Term 6 (Jun-Jul) Is work fair?

To know what types of work people do and how this has / is changing

To understand how globalisation has changed how we work