Y9 Maths

KS4 Curriculum Programme





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Term 1 (Sep-Oct) Integers and place value, Decimals, Indices, powers and roots, Factors and primes Calculations, checking and rounding, Indices, roots, reciprocals and hierarchy of operations, Factors, multiples and primes, Standard form
Term 2 (Nov-Dec) Algebra – all the basics, Expanding and factorising single brackets, Expressions and substitution into formulae, Tables, Charts and graphs, Pie charts, Scatter graphs

Assessment 1

Algebra: the basics, Setting up, rearranging and solving equations, Sequences, Averages and range, Representing and interpreting data, Scatter graphs

Assessment 1

Term 3 (Jan-Feb) Statistics and questionnaires, Averages, Fraction rules, Fractions, decimals and percentages, Percentage amounts Fractions, Percentages, Ratio and proportion, Polygons, angles and parallel lines, Pythagoras’ Theorem and trigonometry
Term 4 (Mar-Apr) Angles lines and symmetry, Polygons and parallel lines, Equations, Sequences Graphs: the basics and real-life graphs

Linear graphs and coordinate geometry

Term 5 (Apr-May) Assessment 2

Perimeter and area, Real life graphs

Assessment 2

Perimeter, area and 3D forms, Circles, cylinders, cones and spheres, Accuracy and bounds

Term 6 (Jun-Jul) Transformations – rotations and translations, Transformations –   reflections and enlargements, Ratio

Assessment 3

Transformations, Constructions, loci and bearings, Inequalities

Assessment 3

Useful revision sites www.mathswatch.co.uk


Assessments Teachers may assess students on a topic by topic basis however assessments in bold will be completed by all students and based on the work covered in last two terms. For example: Assessment  1 will be based on work covered in term 1 and 2