Y9 – Design Technology

KS3 Curriculum Programme





Design Technology

Project 1(1 term long) Jewellery Box project: focused practical skills in work shop manufacturing small box with coomb joints, drawer, hinged lid, and laser engraved design. Also includes 2D Computer aided design software, Timber research and some 2d design work, evaluation.


Term 4 Design movement inspired free standing clock project: work includes research into materials, product analysis, questionnaire, mood boards, 3d isometric drawing by hand. 3D computer aided design work


Term 5 Design movement inspired free standing clock project continued: work includes 2d design work and laser cutting CAM, Vinyl sticker cutter CAM, practical metal work in aluminium. Workshop making, and evaluation
Term 6 Design and make Board game with packaging: working includes, product analysis, packaging nets, making boards, 2d Computer aided design of counters, 3d making of Nets for packaging, evaluation.