Y8 Food Technology

KS3 Curriculum Programme





Food Preparation and Nutrition

Rotation 1 (1 term long) Some Science behind bread making, yeast and dextrinization.

Menu planning, (starter for two), composite meals and handling raw meat safely, teenagers and protein, the many functions of eggs, pastry making/designing, planning and making tasks to include: bread-based starter for 2, Mexican taco’s, Sweat and savoury pastry products,  fruit tarts and quiche, final assessment brief designed using knowledge of the balanced plate of nutrition. Themed cakes. Product analysis.


Rotation 2 (1 term) Food provenance, wheat and primary and secondary processing.

Types of flour in bread making and pasta.

Team Bakers shop competition, multicultural food, fresh pasta and sauce dish.

Handling raw meat, Special diets, vegetarian & coeliac in menu planning/designing for a burger lunch dish.

Macro and micronutrients.

Cake making methods and themed batch design.

Sensory analysis and product costing/packaging.