Y7 Food Technology

KS3 Curriculum Programme






Food Preparation and Nutrition

Rotation 1 (1 term long) Kitchen layout, hygiene, health and safety. Tools and equipment, usage and safety, including knives and cookers.

Healthy eating and the balanced plate.

Focused Practical tasks to include: Fruit crumble/salad, winter veg soup, scones, pizza and themed cupcakes using a variety of skilled making methods.

Origins of fruit and vegetables, categories and types of. Sensory analysis of dishes, Designing from basic recipes to include balance, planning and timing skills.

Environmental issues. Food recycling/ miles, composting and food waste.


Rotation  2 (1 term long) Micronutrients and how and why to include colour on your plate. Presentations and debating skills.

Multicultural food and design for special diets, planning, timing and making skills to include; knife skills, boiling and baking.

Focused Practical tasks, Balanced salad competition, Risotto, Sweet bread, pastry making and themed batch of cakes.

Sensory analysis and costing.