Y10 Maths

KS4 Curriculum Programme





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Term 1 (Sep-Oct) Integers and place value, Decimals, Indices, powers and roots, Factors, multiples and primes Calculations, checking and rounding,

Indices, roots, reciprocals and hierarchy of operations,

Factors, multiples, primes, standard form and surds

Term 2 (Nov-Dec) Algebra: the basics, Expressions and substitution into formulae,

Tables, charts and graphs

Pie charts, Scatter graphs

Algebra: the basics, setting up, rearranging and solving equations

Sequences, Averages and range

Representing and interpreting data and scatter graphs

Term 3 (Jan-Feb) Fractions, decimals and percentages, Percentage amounts,

Equations and inequalities, Sequences

Fractions and percentages, Ratio and proportion, Polygons, angles and parallel lines, Pythagoras’ Theorem and trigonometry
Term 4 (Mar-Apr) Assessment Non Calculator GCSE Paper 1

Properties of shapes, parallel lines and angle facts, Interior and exterior angles of polygons, Statistics, sampling and the averages, Perimeter, area and volume

Assessment Calculator GCSE Paper 2

Assessment Non Calculator GCSE Paper 1

Graphs: the basics and real-life graphs

Linear graphs and coordinate geometry

Quadratic, cubic and other graphs

Perimeter, area and circles

3D forms and volume, cylinders, cones and spheres

Accuracy and bounds, Transformations

Constructions, loci and bearings

Assessment Calculator GCSE Paper 2

Term 5 (Apr-May) Real-life graphs, Straight-line graphs, Transformations

Ratio, Proportion

Solving quadratic and simultaneous equations, Inequalities, Probability

Multiplicative reasoning

Similarity and congruence in 2D and 3D

Term 6 (Jun-Jul) Trial exams 25/6/18

Right-angled triangles: Pythagoras and trigonometry, Probability

Multiplicative reasoning

Plans and elevations

Constructions, loci and bearings

Trial exams 25/6/18

Graphs of trigonometric functions,

Further trigonometry, Collecting data

Cumulative frequency, box plots and histograms

Quadratics, expanding more than two brackets, sketching graphs, graphs of circles, cubes and quadratics

Useful revision sites www.mathswatch.co.uk


Assessment Teachers may assess students on a topic by topic basis however assessments in bold will be completed by all students and based on the full GCSE course.