Nene Valley Rotary Schools DT Competition

Last week EWS entered 3 teams (2 from north site 1 from south site) into a Design Technology competition. The North ks4 team came second place in their category and they each won a £10 book voucher.


‘On March 14th 2018, 4 students in the YEAR 10 DT class were selected to take part in a Rotary technology challenge. It was hosted by Weston Favell Academy and we were competing against various other schools. We had to construct a launcher to fire a ball and parachute 3m high, allowing the ball to fall safely onto the target on the floor. We were provided with certain tools and materials to carry out the challenge. We overcame the issues along the way with manufacturing through careful planning and design development. The team was organised and efficient- it was a useful way to gain new skills such as project management and problem solving. It was a great experience and an event that we all enjoyed thoroughly.’

The North Campus ks4 team were represented by Ben Martin, Heather MacCallum, Emma Orton & Callum Brawn

North ks4 team won 2nd place in their category and each received a £10 gift voucher


The North Campus ks3 team were represented by Elise Stoneman, Harry Botterill, Jamie Bishop & Eleanor Curtis

The North ks3 team built a successful launcher but narrowly missed out a top two place.


The South Campus were represented by Eve Adams, Amelia Brock, Tayla Lowe, Dean Lovell.

South team didn’t win this year, although they worked well as a team, unfortunately the release mechanism on their launcher failed during judging so their capsule didn’t reach the 3m height.


Photo of South team launcher ahead of testing


Mr Pearce staff team entry won the staff event again!


More photos can be viewed via this link