EWS master ambassador training report

On the 25th of January 2018, the year 8 ambassadors attended a master ambassador training afternoon lasting 100 minutes. This evening was to explain and show what it means to be a master ambassador and if they are capable of working and co-operating with other ambassadors and becoming a bigger part in representing Elizabeth Woodville School.

This day was filled with fun activities to show all the different skills that are needed to be a master ambassador which are the following: trust, co-operation, friendship and leadership. These skills are required in everything that you will do from meetings to showing parents and future students around our school and our community as an academy. The afternoon also required us as the students to give any ideas on what it takes to be a master ambassador to question whether we do understand what we are signing up for and for the leaders and teachers to decide whether we are all ready for the important role that is yet to face us.

The activities consisted of:

  • An ice breaker to get to know everyone that you will be surrounded with for the next 3 years. We all split into groups and put next to people we didn’t know very well in a circle and say something about yourself for the next person to repeat.
  • Leading another ambassador in your group around an obstacle course. This is a trust building activity between your fellow ambassadors so that in future events you can trust them in what they are doing and they can trust you that they will be there for one another if there was ever a mishap.
  • Organising situations an ambassador may have to deal with at any time which will then be passed down to the newest ambassadors for their training. They will have to act out the situation and have to come up with a solution. Some of these situations include; bullying, fire bells and lockdowns, fights, meetings and solving any problem the school may be facing at that time
  • Building a sculpture out of dry spaghetti and marshmallows. This is a teamwork activity where you work all together to create a sculpture to represent being an ambassador.

Being a master ambassador give you many opportunities to improve the school and lead other ambassadors to grow and evolve to become great leaders in the future. You will work with many higher up people in the school and continue to develop and organise events to raise awareness or money for god causes.

This training has given me many opportunities and proved to me that I do have a voice that can change something and has defiantly given me more confidence in myself.

-Katie Huffer