Ambassador Training went down a hit!

On Monday 8th January, the Year 7’s from South site, came together to participate in Ambassador training. Mr Foreman who organised the morning, had the Master Ambassadors, in Years 9 and 10 lead with presenting and taking the activities. The Master Ambassadors spent time with a group to complete activities and suggest ideas. The Master Ambassadors had some inspirational words to say after the event.

“Always work as a team” said Master Ambassador Max McCarthy.

Eleanor Ansell a Year 9 Master Ambassador said, “Teamwork makes the dream work”

Tom Kesterton-Bennett, from Year 10, said, “Nothing is perfect, but try your best”

“Every day brings a new challenge” said Megan Thorne Year 10.

During the morning we spent with the Year 7’s they learnt about trust, leadership and role model skills, by doing little fun games and challenges that the Master Ambassadors led whilst Year 7 pupils worked with people they do not usually talk to. We taught them how to deal with situations that could occur through the school including Year 6 Induction Days, Bullying and the fire bell.

By Lauren Anderson


I became an ambassador as my form tutor thought we were right for the job. We were invited to an ambassador training course to get an idea of what we would be doing as an ambassador in the years to come.

Our first activity of ambassador training was the ice breaker challenge. The ice breaker challenge is where everyone gets in a circle and you say your name and what you like. This activity helped us learn more about each other.

The next challenge was the blindfold challenge. This is where you got into pairs with someone you didn’t know very well and one of you would put a blind fold on. Then you had to guide them around the room using only your voice. This taught us about the benefits of communication.

Our third activity was scenarios. Each group had two scenarios and they had to act out each one. At the end we had to pick one of our scenarios and act it out in front of everyone. The scenarios were about situations you would come across in your school time.

Our final activity was the marshmallow and spaghetti challenge. The aim of the challenge was to make something out of the materials to do with being an Ambassador without breaking the structure.

I hope being an ambassador will help me be more confident with talking to large crowds and help develop my confidence when talking to older children.

By Tallulah Kesterton-Bennett