Post-16 College

Welcome to our Sixth Form College which is made up of students in Years 12 and 13.

This is where your son or daughter will grow into a confident young adult fully prepared and ready to move onto the next stage of their lives, be it to University or into the World of Work.

Students study for 3 or 4 A Level/Level 3 qualifications. In addition we provide regular and bespoke internships in the occupational area in which students are planning to work and opportunities to develop a wide range of personal skills such as enterprise, problem solving, creative thinking and team working.


Sixth Form Leadership Team- North Campus

Michael O’Callaghan – Sixth Form President

I am currently studying for my A-levels in Business, German and Geography. In the future I hope to go to university to study international relations and politics but I am still not ruling out other option such as a gap year. I am looking forward to my final year of A-Levels and hope to get ABB.


Josh White – Sixth Form Vice President

My name is Josh White and I am one of the Vice Presidents here at Sixth Form. The subjects I take are History, English Language, and German, with a view to studying Politics at University. In the sixth form, Michael, Joe and I work together with staff to try and improve the sixth form, with ideas and suggestions coming from all sixth formers. With our leadership team we run social and sporting events, charity fundraisers, and volunteer schemes in the local community. I personally take a more active role in the Charity and Community team, where we are planning various charity fundraising events, volunteer work with local care homes, and work to improve the appearance of our area through nature projects.


Joe Clarke – Sixth Form Vice President

Hello, I am Joe Clarke and I am in my second year of sixth form. I am continuing to study English language, Applied business studies as well as ICT. I have the role of joint vice presidency and have an influence particularly with the events management team in the sixth form.


Sixth Form Leadership Team- South Campus

Luke Healey – President  South

My name is Luke Healey, I am the president of the Sixth Form on our South Campus. In this role my primary duty has been to talk on behalf of the school to prospective students and their parents, although I have also helped organise charity events run within the school, often for the benefit of the local community. I am currently studying history, philosophy and English literature. At university I intend to study a degree in history.


Aiden Stenlake – Vice President – RBL link.

Within the sixth form leadership team, I am particularly involved in acting as a liaison between our school and the Royal British Legion, as a member of both organisations, and I am actively involved in the many events and open days held on South Campus – events I am proud to say have been tremendously successful. The subjects I am studying at A-Level are History, Philosophy and English Literature, with a view to studying for a degree in History upon the completion of my studies.


Charley King – Head Girl of EWS South Campus


Hi, my name is Charley King and I am head girl of EWS south campus. I am currently studying Business, Finance and Media with the ambition to get a marketing degree at university. I run student voice, a group that allows students to say what they would like to see changed within the school and I work closely with the anti bullying ambassadors Ellie Moyle and Lucy Friell. I hope to leave the school having made a positive impact on the sixth form and lower school environment.


Niamh Barnes Vice – president – South Campus

When I joined Sixth Form I knew I wanted to take on more responsibility and seize any opportunities that were presented. As a result, I decided to apply for the Sixth Form roles and I’m extremely glad I did. I achieved the role of Sixth Form Vice President and as consequence I have experienced a lot…From holding school assemblies, hosting visitors, giving speeches to even organising my own Christmas Fair for charity. I’m grateful for this as my confidence has increased and it has taught me many skills that I can take onto my next step in life which is University.


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