Equality Policy


EWS is committed to achieving a working environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination on the grounds of protected characteristics as derived in the Equalities Act 2010: race, gender, marital status, disability, religious beliefs, age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity.

EWS is committed to promoting good race relations and recognise our responsibilities in preparing young people for life in our culturally diverse society.

This Policy aims to remove unfair and discriminatory practices and to encourage full contribution from its diverse community. EWS is committed to actively opposing all forms of discrimination and believes that all stakeholders are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity


This policy informs the work of:

•     Principal

•     All staff

•     Students

•     HR services

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The following are indicators that this policy is being implemented successfully:

  • Incidents of discrimination, racism and racial harassment are dealt with promptly and  effectively
  • Staffing reflects the ethnic, gender and disability  profile of the community
  • High levels of achievement and attainment for all students regardless of  protected characteristics
  • High levels of attendance and low levels of exclusion for all students regardless of      protected characteristics
  • Admissions that reflects the ethnic profile of the area from which students are drawn
  •  Parental involvement that reflects the profile of the academy community
  •  High and equal levels of student and parent satisfaction from all ethnic and cultural groups


Policy Statement

EWS is committed to a fair and equal treatment of all individuals regardless of protected characteristics.  EWS welcomes applications from people from all backgrounds to join the staff and student body.

Legal Framework

EWS will comply with all relevant legislation including the Equality Act (2010) and the Race Relations Act (2000).


The aims of the policy are to ensure that:

  • Applications for employment are considered and assessed on the basis of the applicants’ aptitudes, abilities and qualifications
  • Disabled staff and students have access to the appropriate support and adaptations to enable them to be fully included in the life of the Academy
  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • Promote equality of opportunity and improve outcomes for members of disadvantaged groups
  • Ensure nobody is treated less favourably as a result of their protected characteristics


EWS Governing Body

  • Ensure that the Academy complies with all relevant legislation
  • Ensure that the policy and its related procedures and strategies are implemented
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the policies as they relate to differences in admissions, attainment, attendance, behaviour, and exclusion


  • Ensure that the policy and its related procedures and strategies are implemented and that there is staff awareness, training and support provided.
  • Take appropriate action in any cases of discrimination.
  • Monitor and deal with any reported incidents of inequality or discrimination amongst all stakeholders in line with Academy’s policies.


  • Identify and investigate any patterns with regard to exclusions and poor attendance in respect of particular groups
  • Monitor differences in student attitudes to work and towards each other, with a view to identifying any significant patterns
  • Ensure that the performance of different groups of students is monitored and evaluated so that the particular needs of different students are met

It is essential that there is an appropriate response to identified patterns of attainment, progress, behaviour, attitudes and attendance.  It is the responsibility of leaders and managers to ensure that:

  • Strategies are implemented to raise performance, aspirations and self-esteem
  • Staff development is provided to raise awareness of differences in need and to promote strategies to raise achievement in all students
  • An environment is created which affirms and supports ethnic, cultural, religious and social diversity and effectively promotes good personal, community and race relations.


  • Deal appropriately with any incidents of discrimination or prejudice
  • Challenge bias and stereotyping
  • Promote equality and good relationships and keep up to date with relevant legislation
  • Actively demonstrate that they are committed to stopping discrimination by modelling positive behaviour
  • Follow up all incidents of harassment and bullying involving the students for whom they have responsibility


  • Report all incidents of discrimination
  • Offer support to anyone they see requiring help

Parents and carers

  • Inform the Academy if their child has a disability
  • Support the Academy by participating in parents’ and carers’ consultations
  • Always contact the Academy if they have a concern about discrimination

Breaches of the Policy

  • The cooperation of all stakeholders is essential for the success of this policy.
  • Behaviour or action against the spirit or the letter of the aims on which this policy is based will be considered a serious disciplinary matter and may lead to dismissal.
  • In all instances of alleged discrimination or breaches of this policy by a member of staff, the procedures detailed in the Staff Capability Policy will be followed.
  • In all instances of alleged discrimination or breaches of this policy by a student, the procedures detailed in the Behaviour Policy will be followed.




March 2017