EWS – What’s in a name?

The value of a name and its power has been immortalized in literature and religion across the ages. At EWS we selected a school name that had historical significance in the surrounding area, but also one which would symbolise strength of character and resilience – important principles during our unification of two schools in Deanshanger and Roade.






Who was Elizabeth Woodville?

Elizabeth Woodville, c.1437–1492, was queen of England and consort of Edward IV. She was born in Grafton Regis, the village which marks the midway point between our two sites, and it is rumoured that this was the venue of her secret marriage to the king. Her ‘rags to riches’ story is filled with intrigue.  Through times of joy, grief, hardship and triumph she demonstrated a passion to succeed. The marriage of her daughter, Elizabeth of York, to Henry Tudor signalled the end of the War of the Roses, and led to the Tudor dynasty. Through them Elizabeth Woodville was grandmother to Henry VIII and an ancestor of every king or queen of England and the UK since. As a controversial queen, she is an interesting historical figure and it is only recently that scholars have re-examined her place in history, casting her in a favourable light.