Lower College Curriculum

All of the below curriculum elements promote problem-solving, creative thinking, communication skills and enable students to develop the independent learning skills that will be so important as they progress through the Academy towards becoming autonomous and independent learners.

Steps LC


The STEPS Curriculum
English, maths, science, modern languages and ICT are organised using the ‘STEPS‘ Curriculum model. There are 40 individual ‘STEPS´ for each subject organised into blocks of five. Students are tested at the end of each ‘block´ of five steps to accurately measure progress. They will typically progress through 6 to 8 Steps in an academic year.

‘Themed COURSES´
In the ‘Themed COURSES´ students will study technology, humanities and the arts. Whilst students will have individual lessons in the Humanities, Technology and Arts, they will study under the ‘Theme’ for that term. At the end of the ‘theme’, students will do an assignment that assesses their progress and develops key skills for KS4 and beyond.

PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health & Careers Education) is delivered within the PSHE time during morning base group time and assemblies.

Students also enjoy a varied and challenging PE programme each week, to build up their personal fitness and to develop teamwork skills.


The Learning Portal, containing the STEPS courses and Themed COURSES, is unique to EWS Academy and our partner Learning School Trust academies. This unique curriculum package has been specially developed by our staff, supported by national experts in each subject area, so that we can make the most up to date and engaging learning resources available to our students.

Building on primary education
Students normally arrive from their primary schools eager to extend their knowledge and skills. The EWS Academy education model builds on best practice in our primary schools by providing regular opportunities for students to discuss their learning and progress with their base group tutor.

An important aspect of transferring from primary school to EWS Academy is that each student will ‘join´ the curriculum at a place suitable for them. We will work hard with parents, Primary schools and during the early induction phase, to quickly assess the most suitable starting point for each student. They won´t, as happens in many secondary schools, all start again from the very beginning or at the same level! This can be frustrating for many students and delay progress. We are firmly committed to finding the right starting point for each student, in each curriculum area.

The diagram on this page shows how the components of the curriculum fit together to form a coherent and progressive curriculum experience for students.