60th celebrations of EWS and Commemoration of the 100 years of WW1

60 years may seem like a long time (at least to most my age), but it’s not how many years old the school is that’s impressive; it’s how much has changed that is, how far we’ve come. Looking back at old photos (endless fun for a history student!), it’s a challenge to deduce which rooms we’re looking at. I expect even many of our old staff who came to our party we’re similarly stumped.

The event itself was yet another example of how the school is, and has been, a central fixture of our local community. I must admit, I recognised very few of the former staff members who came and far more of the local community, but that in itself symbolises the history of the school – thousands have come and gone from these grounds.

The visitors all thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with hot drinks, cakes and snacks aplenty, all discussing their experiences of the school and its history. The party was a fantastic opportunity for past and present to come together within the local community. Tying this off, the cake was cut by teacher at Deanshanger Secondary in the 1970s.

I would like to thank all those who attended, those who assisted with and took part in the raffle, and the staff and Sixth-Formers who gave up their time to help set up and run the party. And now, we look forwards to next year’s event.
Aiden Stenlake.